Combine all the tools you need to run a successful, easy to operate business.

No matter what industry you are in Field Service, Retail Sales, Finance, Logistics and Supply, Professional Services, Non-For Profit you can the leverage LogixOne to digitally transform your business. 


LogixOne will not only change your business it will change you!

Transform from a paper based, fragmented business to a single logon operation where information is entered once but is distributed to all team members on all devices by the click of a button. Instantly synchronize information at all levels that can be seen on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


Get an unprecedented view of ALL your business departments.

From a single window you can determine the health of your business because everything from customer orders to job allocation, remote tracking, invoicing and accounts is managed through the ONE system. 


Leverage your investment with LogixOne "Rapid" Apps.

Enable you to get on top the cost curve for your businesses by combining automation and integration within LogixOne to the power of customized "field" mobile applications. It will reward you many times over for the small cost of the license fee for LogixOne. 


Tailor LogixOne to become your very own "Logics".

Our customers call LogixOne - "Logics", make your own version of "Logics" with our help by leveraging the enormous level of customisation. Create and re-name fields and new modules, perform automated functions and of course connect to other 3rd party applications of your choice.

Sales Force Automation

Strengthen your unique value proposition and brand/business image in the minds of your valuable customers. Win more business by automating your sales teams and sales processes.

‌Field Service Operations

‌Ensure the delivery of your goods and services by optimal resource allocation and remote worker management by leveraging LogixOne scheduling capabilities and purpose built LogixOne RapidApps.

Inventory and Order Management

Dispose the traditional methods and adopt digitized and automated inventory management solutions to centralize your warehouse inventory, service delivery and order processing.

Human Resource Management

Engage your team members and build a strong workforce by connecting their daily functions directly to your Business Management Solution. Process employee information, contracts, reviews, candidate search, shift scheduling, employee reporting and more, all on LogixOne HR.

Accounting and Finance

Infuse automation and high efficiency into your accounting and reporting procedures such as order processing, inventory management and transitional processing within the comprehensive LogixOne ERP platform.

Customer Communications

Communicate directly with any contact with ease, whether they are a customer, a supplier or an employee LogixOne has you communications channels directly within the platform from email, telephony to SMS and WhatsApp.

Key Benefits

Robust Digitization

LogixOne’s Business Management Platform digitally transforms multiple levels of your business, ushering all your stakeholders towards a modernized and efficient business model.

Triple Threat

LogixOne’s Business Management Platform includes 3 comprehensive platforms – Logixone ERP, LogixOne CRM and LogixOne HR all of which are designed to push the boundaries of business management.  Each of these platforms can make your business a daunting triple threat to your competitors in any industry.

The Two C’s

Across the board, LogixOne’s Business Management Platform focuses on the 2 C’s that every business expects from services like our; cost-effectiveness and customization. Experience highly Customizable features at Competitive prices and packages with LogixOne.



Remove the waste, inefficiency and grow with confidence
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Food & Beverage

Running multiple restaurants or cafes at one time
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Field Services

Receiving customer requests and allocating tasks.
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Professional Services

Can be harnessed by businesses of all sizes and ambitions
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Keep up with the complex needs of the industry
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Flexible and streamlined platform
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Harness the power of digitalization to increase profits
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Home Service

Keep control of the activities of their remote staff.
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Business processes with minimal risk and maximum capitalization.
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Waste Management

Ensure completion rates are maximized.
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Security Features

LogixOne is a cloud based SaaS (Software As A Service) application that is built on only the most reputable infrastructure providers on the market. Each provider has been hand selected to ensure your data is not only safe but available.

Powered by Zoho

More than  50 million users place their trust in Zoho to run their businesses – Zoho security, privacy, and compliance practices are built on the foundation of trust and as such enable LogixOne users to leverage that level of security into their business. Learn More

Powered by Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud adheres to international information security standards and is committed to using international best practices. Learn More


Tanamera Coffee has grown quickly and become a complex business, incorporating retail sales & operations, sourcing & roasting, wholesale and equipment sales & service across a large distribution network. We had been using multiple suites of software products with MS Excel for all the reconciliations and cross checks, so we were desperate to find a platform to integrate all of our business units and people. We chose LogixOne because of its flexibility and support and at a fraction of the price of large corporate ERP systems. The software is now integrated tightly into our business and has been highly customized to meet Tanamera's business objectives of customer service, efficiency, growth and employee satisfaction while having real time data and cloud based security!

Ian CriddleOwner Tanamera Coffee

LogixOne™ has completely transformed our business. We now have a single platform that enables all our team members across sales, marketing, finance, operations & HR functions, to easily and remotely access critical business information

Tony RiddellMD Faulkner Industries

We talked with LogixOne when we were at a point in our business where we had to take the next step in integration of our webstore and physical store, but we also wanted to roll this change together to control of inventory and finances as much as possible to run in a single system. We were at a loss of what to do after doing our own research. After talking with LogixOne about what we were doing currently and what we wanted, we ended up with NETO e-commerce and also a 3D immersive model of the physical store into our webstore. The 3D model feels like its ahead of the curve but we are happy with that and how it all came together. The continual improvements NETO makes is also great. The implementation options presented to us from Iseka allowed us to be involved in the implementation so we gained understanding of the system as it was put in to place. All in all, Iseka were able to think outside of the box for us and the cost to achieve this result was well within our budget. We are so glad we had Iseka to help us with this change.

Aaron HunterNumfish Sccoters

LogixOne basically transformed our business from a heavily paper based system to a cloud based environment. We have not only seen a significant reduction in costs from areas such as hardware and licensing but it has enabled to reduce our staff count dramatically. Starting with our website, they then worked back into our business transforming us from a very traditional business into a tech based one that is now ready to scale into newer opportunities for our products.

Tania Di PietrantonioNWKA

For years we managed our business with a book which meant we had to enter information many times before we got paid. i-Bin has simplified our entire business. We enter the order once, delivery the bin, pick up the bin. change the status and its all done. It has reduced our office work by 75% as we don’t have to recreate everything. Whats more it means we can hire additional drivers given they just have to access the system to manage jobs.

ChrisBellarine Bin Hire

LogixOne really took on our requirements with a strong focus on how we operate as a business. They took the time to understand our customers and market and built a great website that meet all of our needs. They were really easy to deal with and delivered on everything they said they would. They have also been very helpful with post sales support.

Amanda ChiotelisVartel Homes

LogixOne software and professional services has allowed us to digitally transform many of our manual processes into the one platform. We were always looking for ways to be more agile and responsive to our customer base while improving efficiencies across the business. With the help of the LogixOne team we have been able to adapt the system to meet our business requirements.

John KallitsasSalaryMasters