Logistics and Supply

LogixOne can provide your Logistics business with the ability to not only remove the waste and inefficiency from your business but allow you to grow with confidence. By utilizing our existing technologies, we can create you your very own Logistics Platform with the result, of integrating all areas of your business such as; inventory management, field service, delivery information, driver tracking and accounts into the one digital platform at an affordable cost that may surprise you.

Further more, you don’t need to worry about any “gotcha-ya” costs from traditional software vendors.  Our ongoing support programs mean that you will always have a Technology Partner by your side. Need something done, amended, updated, call us and its done!

In addition to that, your very own business management system ‘LogixOne’ (or ‘logics’ that our other customers call it) could solve your critical logistics issues and start to make your logistics business an enjoyable place to work.

Field Service

Many field service businesses operate on a day-to-day business model. Receiving customer requests and allocating tasks to remote staff is often paper or ‘word-of-mouth’ based. As a result, focusing on frequent communication between team members can be inefficient.

Managing these tasks can be daunting and often the information is reliant on a significant amount of human involvement. Thus, placing the field service business at risk and negatively impacting its ability to grow.

An integrated, field service business management system, LogixOne can consolidate all facets of your business into the one platform providing you with instantaneous updates and allowing you to measure the business on a daily basis.


LogixOne’s Business Management platform integrates financial service software and a level of customisation that provides flexible and scalable solutions for financial institutions and professionals to keep up with the complex needs of the industry.

With rising competition, rigorous regulations and ever-changing customer needs, financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies and more face the arduous task of executing their operations in a profitable and compliant manner.

But with LogixOne’s powerful financial solutions, you can confidently carry out your business processes with minimal risk and maximum capitalization on opportunities, putting your organization ahead of the competition.


The retail industry demands acute understanding and awareness of customer needs, consumer behavior, brand image and brand innovation. With this, the dependence on technology and the need for digitization grows in importance for retailers to adopt and integrate into their operations. Furthermore, product and service differentiation in the cut-throat retail market is crucial to stay ahead of the competition.

LogixOne provides streamlined, modern and simplified digital solutions for retailers of all types, sizes and scales to unlock their full innovative potential. Through the platform, you can harness the power of digitalization to increase profits, satisfy customers and create positive brand perception.

Additionally, LogixOne future proofs your business by helping you stay updated with current industry trends dictated by shoppers both online and in-store. Our solutions are fully customizable so you can curate and design a platform that suits your current and future ambitions. This allows you to not only focus on the current landscape of your business but also on growth, expansion and diversification of your brand using LogixOne’s agile platform.

Imagine combining ALL of your retail business operations such as POS, Inventory management, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources and more into the one platform?


Looking to grow your accommodation or travel business? To do so efficiently means having access to critical business data at all times as well as integrating all of your business functions in to one connected platform.

Booking engines, CRM, finance and accounting, staff management, property management and of course customer communications can be all integrated into the single Business Management System providing you with the controls you need to realize your business goals.

Rely on the LogixOne BMS proudly built by us. It is able to simplify and boost your accommodation and travel business in a very efficient manner.

Food & Beverage

Running multiple restaurants or cafes at one time is certainly hectic. Combining the critical business information that you need to run your business efficiently is extremely difficult when data is coming in from multiple locations.

Food and beverage businesses are significantly complicated because of the various stages such as inventory management, production, point-of-sale, online orders and of course accounting and finance complicate things slowing your ability to grow efficiently.

A fully integrated business management system can help consolidate information providing the data you need to make decisions more quickly and accurately. Centralising all transactions be them from retail stores or integrating B2B portals for wholesale orders can all be managed through the one system powering your FnB business to sing.

Professional Services

For professional services organizations and project-based companies, LogixOne offers professional services automation (PSA) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that aim to hone in on delivering maximum operational efficiency and performance.

These solutions can be harnessed by businesses of all sizes and ambitions according to the volume of resources employed for project operations. LogixOne being SaaS based, our solutions accommodate all types of employees such as field staff, remote workers, work from home etc and can be accessed through many devices.

We can customise our solutions to meet any workflow or business requirement and on top of that build customised mobile device applications that extend the power of your digitisation to any worker, at anytime on any device.


Non-profit organizations face many challenges and complexities in their operations due to outdated systems, manual work dependency and unorganized applications and tools for daily operations. Regardless of the scale and outreach of the noble cause/mission of your organization, limited digitalization results in limited ability for your organization to create maximum social impact. LogixOne caters to the unique needs of such organizations with our business management platform that can transform your business into a powerful force it deserves to be in its journey towards creating change. Our single flexible and streamlined platform includes nonprofit accounting, ERP, CRM, e-commerce and fundraising solutions that can increase the bandwidth of your voice and deeds.

Home Services

In today’s outsourced economy the demand for services delivered to the home is rapidly growing and spread across a diverse range of industries from patient care, remedial therapy, maintenance services, beauty and many more.

The challenge for businesses in this market is to keep control of the activities of their remote staff while at the same time providing a level of customer service that means ongoing repeat business.

A cloud based business management system in this market can be the crucial difference between how your customers see you in comparison to your competitors as well as your ability to profitably grow your business.

Your very own Business Management System LogixOne is there to centrally manage and assist you in your specialized home care services. This platform allows to simply manage remote staff and their associated tasks management through one system.

Waste Management

To the casual observer running a waste management business could seem like a simple matter but this is nothing but far from the truth.
It is imperative that the low cost per unit transaction that services deliver should be efficient and timely  to maintain customer satisfaction.

The ability to access live data on daily tasks is also significant to ensure completion rates are maximized and that data flows efficiently from one step of the business to the next.

A Fully unified business management system can link all business processes into the one platform enabling your business to thrive in the waste management sector.  Access to job information and field workers is critical as is the ability to effectively manage employees while maintaining compliance.

LogixOne is there to make your waste management business grow with measurable results already demonstrated capacity. Our platform aims to gain the same goal as your industry, to achieve an eco-friendly and sustainable world.