Tanamera Coffee Digital Transformation with LogixOne

Tanamera Coffee is a true Indonesian business success story. Established in 2013 the company is a vertically integrated organisation. The company is directly involved in all components of supply chain and go to market channels.

It produces, roasts, packages, delivers coffee and related products throughout its three core go to market channels being its:

  • 25 retail stores
  • B2B wholesale sales by its own sales team
  • B2C sales via online presence.

Given its dramatic growth over the past five years the company has made do with a range of different business processes to manage what is obviously a complicated business structure. Providing inventory to its retail stores in the form of packaged coffee products and related cafe menu items such as raw materials, bakery and related food and beverage products has been a real challenge, not to mention delivery and servicing of coffee machines to its privately owned and franchise stores.

Tanamera used a range of different tools such as MS Excel, Gmail, WhatsApp and paper to manage its business but as such the company was unable to gain a single view of ALL facets of its business operations.  These disconnected processes lead to a number issues such as

  • Extra costs due to lack of efficiency
  • Over stocking
  • Inability to plan and forecast
  • Wastage
  • Slow reporting
  • Risk from external attack and IP loss

Tanamera coffee came to Iseka Services looking for assistance in helping to streamline all facets of not only their business operations but their sales and marketing as well.

The company had looked at a number of different off-the-shelf technologies to help manage the various processes but were unable to find a solution that would be able to meet their needs in a single platform. Whatever solution Tanamera would end up with needed to encompass a significant portion of their business processes and of prime importance with the ability to integrate with their existing point-of-sale system.

The core components of a business management system would need to provide:

  • Sales Management
  • Forecasting
  • Opportunity Management
  • Field Sales App
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Advanced Marketing
  • Stock Control
  • Integrated Ordering
  • B2B Ordering Portal
  • Multiple Warehouses
  • Warehouse Transfers
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Financial Control
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Payment Methods
  • Multi-Department P&L Reporting
Centralised Reporting
  • Dashboarding Reporting
  • By Business Unit Reporting
  • Forecast Reporting
  • Automated Scheduled Reports
Repairs & Maintenance
  • Machine Logs
  • Machine Servicing
  • Job Allocation
  • Job Tracking
  • Email Integration
  • Telephony
  • SMS
  • Automated Responses
Human Resources
  • Contract Management
  • Staff Attendance
  • Automated renewal Notices
  • Leave Accounting
  • Payroll “pre” Calculation
  • Customer Facing Website
  • B2C online ordering
  • B2B E-Commerce platform
  • Customer Loyalty Application

“We needed a platform, not a pre-built off the shelf solution. Something that we could make our own and LogixOne was the best choice for us. We have been able to create a Tanamera System using LogixOne”

George PurbaIT Manager Tanamera Coffee

Core Components:











LogixOne Modules

Daily Stores Taking

A daily takings module was built within LogixOne and an API connection created between the point-of-sale system for each store. Upon completion of the daily takings within each stores POS terminal results are automatically sent to LogixOne creating a detailed record of all transactions on a daily basis for each store. This includes sales by item, purchases by item and payment receipt details such as cash, credit card, loyalty card.

The store by store daily transaction detail can then be Approved by the centralised accounts department and sent directly as journal entries directly into the accounting system. Thereby allowing the company to maintain profit and loss reporting on a store by store daily basis.

The benefits of this are obvious and they allow Tanamera to manage their retail stores to much greater efficiency. They are now able to see and account with far greater accuracy and of course speed which in the past would have taken months to complete.

Multi Warehouse Inventory

A company like Tanamera that was originally using spreadsheets to manage inventory was obviously suffering from the inability to properly forecast and measure stock adjustments. Reporting was also proving to be a real challenge.

As the company has grown and expanded not only its physical locations but also the products it offers to its clients – be they wholesale B2B or via their retail outlets the amount of transactions and complexity has also expanded.

Tanamera now operates three of its own warehouses and as such required and inventory system that could handle internal stock transfers not only between the warehouses but also between the retail stores.

The LogixOne inventory system integrates directly into the platform and as such transaction details that are captured within the daily takings module for each retail outlet are used to adjust stock counts within the inventory system and this then flows through to the finance system so that sales, purchasing and cost of goods sold are accounted for automatically.  In addition stock orders from any B2B or B2C customer can be directly entered into the system or via the field sales app.

The benefits of this are wide-ranging but in short allow Tanamera to centrally manage their entire ordering process and stock holdings, whether they be warehouse stock or stock within the retail outlets.  Tanamera inventory analysis and stock control is now far more efficient with a lot less wastage and improved accuracy in reporting enabling Tanamera to forward plan with far greater confidence.

Customer Management

Given that Tanamera go to market via multiple channels a significant proportion of their business comes from wholesale or B2B customers such as hotel chains, boutique cafes and other restaurants.

With over 1000 B2B customers and a sales team that deals directly with these clients it was becoming more and more difficult to provide the proper customer service that client such as this demanded. Similarly it was becoming extremely challenging to manage the sales team to ensure that the sales process were being met and actioned.

The LogixOne accounts and contact modules provides a single location for all Tanamera staff to store and interact with these wholesale customers.

The sales team can enter sales orders directly from the given account for processing through the inventory management system. Sales calls can be scheduled, reminders set and tasks allocated to the various team members that need to interact with the client. In addition all of this information is accessible either via the web or the LogixOne app so as field salespeople meet and interact with customers they are able to update information on the go.

Field Application

As is common with most organisations the need to enable remote staff to work unencumbered is of prime importance.

Tanamera is no different managing a field sales team, providing logistics services such as deliveries and of course on-site maintenance for their managed coffee machines.  Field staff that undertake these roles are able to access immediate information from their Android devices.

All of the modules that are available within the LogixOne platform can be synchronised to the device depending on the user’s account access to LogixOne.

The use of this is no more important than in the “machine logs” module that was built to enable Tanamera field service staff to provide urgent and regular maintenance of the approximately 50 coffee machines the company maintains for their customers.

The module not only provides a record of Tanamera’s assets but also provides the field service technician with a simple checklist to provide ongoing repair and maintenance. This way a full history of the machine can be tracked and provided in a report directly to the customer with the press of a button. The application receives notification of new repair jobs as well as customer location and mapping but also contact information.

The application is also utilised by the Tanamera sales team. It provides sales meeting information as well as enables field sales staff to enter in customer notes, opportunity management information, sales order information and additional attachments such as PDF contracts.

Of course given that the company delivers not only finished products but also food and beverage items, delivery drivers use the application to ensure store inventory is delivered on time and to the correct location.


Understanding the location of Tanamera’s customers in a country like Indonesia is extremely important.

Being able to visualize within the platform customers and events enables the company to make more efficient decisions with respect to thinks like deliveries and logistics.

The mapping module is also utilized by the field service technicians to understand where their daily tasks and by using the LogixOne field app are able to update job status in the field and the mapping module also maps the actual location of field staff such as sales people and field service technicians.

Human Resources

With over 300 staff made up of Management, office personal and of course retail staff has proven to be a real challenge for Tanamera.  Before LogixOne the company utlised a number of tools such as paper, excel spreadsheets and whatsapp to manage staff.

The LogixOne technical team put together a HR module to track all facets of the companies employees from contract, leave, work hours and of course personal details.

The HR department is now able to update employee information within the LogixOne platform and by using the “Roles and Profiles” functionality means that only senior management and HR staff can access these details.

Combining staff information into the platform means that management is in a much better position plan and utliise labor, controlling costs and as always improving customer satisfaction.

Finance & Accounting

A key objective for Tanamera Coffee was to consolidate their accounting platforms.  Given that Revenue and Costs are generated from various departments the number of tasks to properly account and then report was becoming extremely challenging and restricting managements ability to make business decisions.

Buy integrating the accounting platforms means that ALL transactions, whether they be from a sale in a cafe, to a wholesale order to a B2B customer, an online order, a purchase order, wages, etc are all processed through the one platform.

Reporting is now far simpler and the ability to do so at far more granular level has been significantly improved.  Management’s daily dashboard provides at a simple glance financial results across the entire business from the one screen but they are also able to “deep-dive” into the numbers to pin point areas that require improvement.


At the end of the day what was crucial to Tanamera’s management team is the ability to make better decisions about the business and it’s various divisions.  Whether it be cafe performance, online sales, Top 20 B2B customers, outstanding creditors, debtors, staff costs, wastage and of course sales and marketing Tanamera now has the ability to do so instantaneously.

Instead of finding spreadsheets or requesting reports from department managers, the data is available via the one platform – LogixOne.

The reporting functionality is only limited by imagination, given that the reporting tools be they in the form of dashboards or lists they can be quickly configured and IF required emailed directly to “selected” recipients.

MyTanamera - Customer Loyalty App

With such a large retail customer base and thousands of customer interactions on a daily basis Tanamera were keen to extend specific customer data and marketing information to any customer, but the question was how do they interact with customers on an ongoing basis?

The answer a dedicated customer loyalty app.

The MyTanamera customer loyalty app which is powered by LogixOne provides any user the ability to download a iOS or Android application to their smart device.

The application provides marketing information such as store locations, menu information and employee customer loyalty points that are updated daily based on transactions within the point-of-sale system.

The MyTanamera application also includes push notifications that will enable Tanamera to communicate directly and instantaneously with its customer base across multiple countries to drive additional sales and of course capture marketing analytics that before LogixOne was impossible.

Omni Channel E-Commerce

Branding and user experience is of paramount importance to Tanamera Coffee.  The company is as proud of their level of customer experience as it is their own products. As such the company needed an ‘Omni-Channel’ approach to all of its channels to market.

With LogixOne at its core, the ability to build an Omni-Channel e-Commerce platform that provides Tanamera’s customers with a variety of ways to transact digitally is made easy because it acts as the ‘single source’ for all transactions be they from a Point of Sale terminal, the company website or a wholesale B2B customer.

All components where built by LogixOne, including the retail and corporate website and customer loyalty app and are delivered by a global Content Delivery Network to ensure user experience is not only safe and secure but simple to navigate.

An Omni-Channel approach like this enables work-flow automation that was typically been done by employees, often resulting in mistakes.  Baking the business process into LogixOne has meant staff can now focus on customer satisfaction as opposed to dealing with mistakes and customer complaints.  Transaction time frames are shortened and customer loyalty is improved maintained.

After extensive research, LogixOne proved to be the most suitable solution for Tanamera. Its functionality and versatility can easily be compared to other considerably more expensive ERP solutions. In addition the support model that LogixOne provides us means that we are able to continually adapt the solution to our needs without the need for additional budget.

Ian CriddleCEO Tanamera Coffee