Lameli Villas Digital Transformation with LogixOne

The LaMeli villas digital transformation project highlights the breadth of Iseka’s abilities to delivery technology that meet customer needs.  Iseka Services was able to quickly understand LaMeli’s business needs and convert them into a single digital system called LogixOne that enables them to focus on their specific customer services.

LaMeli Villas owns and operates villa accommodation across Indonesia.  The company focuses on family holidays at reasonable prices.

The company was using manual, paper based entry for multiple systems such as customer bookings,  emails, payments, finance and reporting to track information as well as to manage the entire process of operating and running these villas. As a result of these practices, communication with customers got considerably problematic, caused significant confusion and negatively impacted customer satisfaction.

Iseka was employed to completely build an digital environment from the scratch that focused on simplification of all of the process of managing these villas; from bookings to billing to marketing. Iseka built an entire environment in (6) weeks including the following sub systems:

  • Communications including, email, telephony and web chat
  • Online booking portal
  • Booking Management and calendaring
  • Accounting and finance
  • Website
  • Sales & marketing
  • Payment gateway
  • Social media environment and management
  • CRM
  • In room Wifi

“Iseka Services has implemented the LogixOne – business management system (BMS) where through one login La Meli Villa’s staff can access emails, phone calls, SMS messaging, payment, reporting and accounting. For example, if I want to view one specific reservation and any transaction related to that specific booking will come up in one interface. Besides, the new BMS has made our previously manual and highly paper based system into a simple, accessible, digital and efficient system which has tremendously improved our operational processes””

Putra SudanaGeneral Manager - La Meli Villas

Core Components:









LogixOne Modules

Reservation System

Previously it was telephone conversations and manual booking entry back and forth just to make one reservation which was highly time-consuming.

But now, LogixOne has enabled an integrated and digital reservation system for Lameli Villa, enhancing and simplifying the booking management for the company. The user-friendly system along with its simple interface has benefited both the company employees and the customers.

Customers can easily and securely book their desired room(s) and process payments instantly through the online booking portal of Lameli Villa. Whereas, the staffs can manage the customer reservations through calendar view, check and process customer payments, keep history and manage user profiles in a smooth and automated manner. Due to such, the rate of monthly booking for the company has been highly upscaled. This has certainly met the expectations of Lameli Villa’s business efficiency.

Room Service App

Being the suitable spot for vacation and holidays amid lush nature, Lameli Vila aims to provide the best room service to their visitors. Previously, the company had to depend highly on real-time communication with their room service staffs to check and ensure each room of the villa has been looked after or not. This led to both hefty amount of time waste and communication issues.

After LogixOne integration, the company is now utilizing a compact mobile room service app that enables scheduling cleaning and room maintenance tasks (like when and which room to clean, which room needs food or minibar service, post checkout room service), assigning specific cleaners and confirming task completion, all in an automated manner.

The app also allows simple communication through instant messaging which makes it easier for staffs and manager to communicate with each other in no time from any location. Ultimately, through the app the company has been able to apply solid quality control measurements making their overall room service management both effective and efficient.

Optimised Dashboard & Reporting

Simple yet advanced dashboard interface is being provided by LogixOne platform. Now, Lameli Villa can readily view their day to day business operations such as revenue per year, bookings per week and target revenue/booking and much more.

The dashboard allows rapid customization depending on what other module and data visuals the company wants to view in the interface. Starting from invoice, reporting and staff management data to client contact details, emails and accounting data, all could be personalized into a single dashboard view. This makes it effortlessly easier for the company to view and understand how their business is performing at a glance.

Customer & HR Management

Back in the days Lameli Villa used to depend on multiple systems, mostly paper-based and manual entries to store customer or potential client information. This led to loss and duplication of information as well as data redundancy thus making their process of customer management highly inefficient. Not only that, the company was relying on their staff management in the same old-fashioned manner which led to serious human resource dilemma.

Currently, LogixOne integration has replaced different systems into one solid multipurpose digital platform. This has boosted the competence of customer management of Lameli Villa through automated manners of communications with their customers and clients, be it through emails, Instant Messaging and newsletters. With much promise the platform has enabled CRM tools to create client leads, opportunities and closing deals successfully for the company. Also, the internal employee management has become much simpler to organize digitally through just one single interface of the platform.

Our business got extensive digital benefits through the automation of information facilitated by the LogixOne Business Management System implemented by Iseka. It has significantly automated processes such as sending emails, booking, invoicing and of course reporting in an efficient manner. During our first year we didn’t have too many reservations but currently we process approximately 30-50 bookings a month leading towards achieving our business goals effectively

Michael CaluttiOwner - La Meli Villas