WBCM Environmental Digital Transformation with LogixOne

Waste Chute Cleaning Man (WBCM) are the leaders in their industry being the first Bin Cleaning company on the market.  Established in 2003 the company now provides a range of cleaning services to over 1000 different locations around Melbourne, Victoria. WBCM had an urgent requirement of digital transformation and to simplify every part of their cleaning business, removing paper, improving efficiency and visibility.

To the general person, cleaning bins on a regular basis seems simple to manage and organize. However, there are number of issues that stand up in the cleaning process such as, non-emptied bins, traffic conditions and the repetition of the work itself make the daily operations more challenging. A WBCM operator can typically clean hundreds of bins per day across multiple locations, thus making their workforce very mobile.

The company has until recently employed a mixture of spreadsheets, MS Excel and of course paper and clipboards and other IT systems to – schedule, allocate, manage, complete and invoice jobs which has proven very challenging for them in the following manner:
  • Required many hands in daily operations
  • A serious amount of double entry leading to redundancy
  • Reporting became very difficult
  • The time took to complete each transaction were considerable.

With this much paperwork and inefficient processes, WBCM were a perfect candidate to digitally transform their business.

The company undertook an exhaustive study to find a system that would suit the companies objectives of growing their business nationally and begun trialing numerous vendor products and decided to settle on LogixOne as their single Business Management System (BMS). A BMS should aim to cover the following primary components of a business:

  • Sales Management
  • Account Management
  • Contact Management
  • Lead Management
  • Forecasting
  • Opportunity Management
  • Quotes
Field Operations
  • Job Scheduling
  • Job Allocation
  • Customer Location
  • Remote Job Task Detail
  • OH&S Compliance
  • Field Invoicing
  • Reporting
Centralized Reporting
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Individual Truck Performance
  • Forecast Reporting
  • Automated Scheduled Reports
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Employee SLA Reporting
  • Email Integration
  • Telephony
  • SMS
  • Automated Responses
  • Social Media Integration
Human Resources
  • Contract Management
  • Staff Attendance
  • Automated renewal Notices
  • Leave
  • Payroll “pre” Calculation
  • Performance Reviews
  • Incident Management
  • Careers
  • Employee GEO Tracking
  • Financial Control
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Payment Methods
  • Multi-Department P&L Reporting
  • Automated Invoicing
  • Reporting

“LogixOne has completely transformed our business from a disconnected, paper based one into a fully connected online business that has enabled us to realise efficiency gains in places that we have never have thought of before. We can now view our business on a minute to minute basis rather than a month to month. We have increased revenue by being able to add more invoiceable jobs per customer visit and reduced cost because of massive efficiency gains.”

Paul MannCo-owner, WBCM

Core Components:











LogixOne Modules

Dashboard Computing

For WBCM it was the ability to quickly see how their business was doing on a minute to minute, day to day, month to month, Year-to-year basis from a single platform.  In the past WBCM simply could not obtain this information, it was spread across many different systems and in some cases just wasn’t available or was in reams of foolscap folders.

LogixOne has provided the ability to create customizable dashboards that can pull data from any of its modules into one screen.  Be it Invoice data, job data, contact, text messages, emails, quotes all can be consolidated into one screen to provide a clear and concise view at a moments notice on how the WBCM business is Performing.

The dashboards can be configured to show or not show to different users. For example the operations manager can see all the operations data in one screen, the sales manager can see all of the sales and marketing activities and the owners and senior management have access to all data.

The dashboards include measurements such as: jobs for today, completed job today, number of invoices created today, quotes created, quotes lost, debtors, target analysis, vehicle location and more.

Operator Application

Each truck operator is provided with an android based tablet that is restricted to the LogixOne application and mobile device manager solution.

Jobs are created and scheduled within the LogixOne web interface by the internal operations team. The LogixOne app also enables the sales team to create quotes in the field and capture detailed job information such as job frequency, specific job details, service items, geolocation of job and more.

Each job card contains all of the job information required such as location, contact details, service items, notes and times.

WBCM field operators are then able to access their daily calendar sorted by time they are able to open each job, navigate to the job, obtain job information, enter any job notes, create final invoice and of course Mark the job is complete.

The device location is also dynamically captured and sent back via the Internet to the WBCM internal operations team so that they can see live detail on the physical location of each driver.

Accounts & Contacts Management

With over 2800 different Customer accounts and 3000 contacts managing all of the WBCM customer list was a challenge before LogixOne.  The company stored basically all customer data in a file server and while most of the information was electronic retrieving and updating information was a challenge.

Given the file server was only accessible within the office staff were only able to access customer information if they were physically in the office and the server that hosted this information cost a significant of money to maintain and was rarely backed up presenting a significant risk to the ongoing operations of the business.

LogixOne enables the storage of ALL customer detail in the single location, be it account or individual account data, ALL WBCM employees are able to access customer data quickly and from any computer.  In addition, any action that is required for that customer can be actioned within the platform.

For example; any jobs created, any emails sent or received , SMS messages, store contracts, invoices, financial information, previous orders, ongoing sales opportunities such as quotations and more have meant the customer now responds in minutes to customer requests instead of days.

Job Allocation & Scheduling

Running multiple trucks each with upto 15 different jobs per day was becoming a real challenge for WBCM.  The company was using a mixture of MS Outlook and MS Excel to manage this and quite frankly this was really not meetings WBCM needs as it was extremely inefficient.  In addition to having to duplicate data from one system to another there was no way to dynamically update the field operators with jobs directly so drivers had to return to the office each day to receive their daily jobs on paper.  Needless to say this represented a significant of time wastage and cost.

The LogixOne platform enables WBCM to quickly and efficiently create jobs for their some 2500 customers in minutes instead of hours.  Quotes completed by the sales team can be instantly converted to Jobs to minimise data input and duplication and then the job allocated to the best operator for completion within the individual operator calendar.

All jobs can be viewed either in a calendar or in a daily jobs list with the most exciting feature for WBCM is that each field operator obtains their daily task via the LogixOne app so there is no paper, operators can remain in the field and receive updates instanously.  The amount of time that this has saved WBCM is enormous, the company can now take on a significant more amount of work for the operators they have as they are managing and allocating jobs more efficiently.

Job Mapping

In the past WBCM basically “hoped” that the daily jobs where being completed to their customer requirements, but how did they know?  This required constant communication between the drivers and operations team and often jobs were missed because of poor communication.

The LogixOne platform maps daily jobs so that the Operations team can clearly see which jobs are still in progress and which jobs are completed.  They can sort by operator and this information is mapped back to the company dashboard so that the operations team receives a “real time” view of their progress for the day.

The mapping solution also maps the actual location of each truck/operator so that WBCM operations team can visualize where each operator is physically located so operators can be dispatched to complete new jobs that are created.  From the “job” pins within the map, the WBCM operations team can link directly to that event or job to get specific job data with ease.

Human Resources

The LogixOne technical team put together a HR module to track all facets of the companies employees from contract, leave, work hours and of course personal details.

The HR department is now able to update employee information within the LogixOne platform and by using the “Roles and Profiles” functionality means that only senior management and HR staff can access these details.

Combining staff information into the platform means that management is in a much better position plan and utilize labor, controlling costs and as always improving customer satisfaction.

Xero Integration

The sheer volume of jobs that WBCM undertakes equates to a significant number of invoices that needed to be created on a daily basis. Historically it would take WBCM on average two days to complete invoices for any given job, sometimes a lot longer. This process would have to be manually done and was based on multiple pieces of paper that had to be returned to the office by each cleaner on a daily basis.

The delay between the actual job completion to invoice creation was also complicated by the fact that there was often errors between what was supposed to be invoiced and what actually was invoiced. This not only created delays in invoice creation but confusion for the customers and as such further delays in payment.

WBCM had chosen Xero as their accounting platform of choice. There were specific reasons around this one being its ability to provide single touch payroll which is now mandatory requirement of the Australian taxation office.

Invoices are now created at the moment of job completion with the final quantity counts being directly entered by the actual field operator using the LogixOne field operator application. Upon checking by the internal operations team the invoices are dynamically sent directly into Xero for emailing to the client.

The entire process now means that invoices are being automatically sent to customers within an average of 15 minutes from the time of job completion. Of course the effect of this and the improved accuracy of invoicing has meant significant improvements with respect to cash flow not to mention tax accounting and reporting.

LogixOne also calculates further details from each invoice such as employee points rewards dynamically when invoices are created enabling simplified monthly calculation of wages.

With LogixOne, we are now in a position to really grow our business. We now have the confidence to understand our daily operations and leverage this to go after additional opportunities with a level of professionalism that we just did not have before. We see LogixOne as a core component of our business and are excited about its ability to take our company to the next level.

Trevor BurnsCo-owner, WBCM